Sunday, October 13, 2013

Panthers and Cougars

The panther goes by several names and alias. Besides being known as panthers, they are often referred to as the following; big cats, cougars, pumas, mountain lions, catamount, and the mountain cat. Usually the color of the cat will decide it's name, or at least that what it seems like to me. Big black cats are usually the ones' being called panthers. Where as, Mountain lions and cougars are the names given to those that are tan in color.

Once said to be over 30 different subspecies of the cougar, scientist have now narrowed it down to 6 as the the differences between many of the subspecies was just to little. They are mostly broken down by their hemisphere they live in.

There is the Argentine Puma, Costa Rican Cougar, Eastern South American cougar, North American Cougar, Northern South American cougar, and the Southern South American puma.

Although various Fish and Game commission say that these animals do not exists in some of these areas they have been spotted. This is a cause for concern because these cats are what they call ambush predators. They will attack farmers herds and demolish local deer populations. If push comes to shove, I wouldn't hold it against them to attack humans as well.

Now even with all that said, these animals are protected in almost all areas, as there is so few of them. Which makes it very hard for farmers to deal with these animals.

It is said that their range is from South America all the way up to the Yukon in the Canada. Now it is also said that a lot of they cats do not exist in certain areas not only throughout American but it appears that they have made their way across the Atlantic as well. There have been reports and sightings in parts of UK and Scotland as well.

People often think that because of these cats large side then more related to the other bigger cats found over in Africa and Asia, like tigers, and leopards. But the truth of the matter is that these exotic cats are actually closer related to small domestic cats.

They primarily come out and hunt at night and are a very elusive animal, and use this to sneak up behind their pry.

It is up for debate but some even would consider jaguars as a panthers. Black jaguars closely resemble black panthers.

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